Private Lessons have become a huge part of baseball and softball. Each year, players are becoming better at a younger age and therefore, working on your game outside of your high school or travel teams are in a higher demand. One-on-one lessons with a professional instructor will allow a player to dissect their game, learn from their instructor's experiences, and implement that into their own skills. 

What to expect from private lessons.. 


Private lessons are a great way for players to develop consistency as they learn the proper mechanics. Baseball is a game of repetition and 1 on 1 instruction is a great way to repeat as well as reinforce. Spending time in these training sessions is what best helps us prepare for competition. Our instructors are dedicated experts when it comes to maximizing each player’s individual skills. The player must understand though, that private lessons are a continuous project. Lessons are not a quick fix where you become a superstar overnight. Professional players work on their skills all year round. Creating that consistency through a lesson schedule is long term project that players need to be prepared for.

Who should take private lessons?


Anyone can take private lessons, but the real question is who will benefit most from taking lessons. The answer is simple; “The players who are willing to work hard through dedication and sacrifice are the players who will achieve success.” Instructors teach private lessons to help communicate the information that players need to improve. What the players do with that information is ultimately up to the player themselves. Any player who is dedicated to improving their skills can benefit from private lessons.

How often should I take private lessons?


There are many different scenarios to scheduling private lessons. The simplest answer is you need to set up your lessons on some type of consistent schedule. A player will not benefit much if he or she is coming in once every couple of weeks. Again, we talk about repetition. Baseball is a game of repetition which is why players need to be training on a consistent basis. Some players feel they need to come in several times a week and others only once a week. The most important thing is that you are coming in consistently. If there are long gaps in between your lessons there is a good chance that your mechanics will suffer.

Lesson Packages

45-Minute Individual Lesson
5-Pack Lessons
10-Pack Lessons
1 HR - Individual Lesson 
4-Pack Lessons
6-Pack Lessons
11-Pack Lessons

*Upper Deck has a 6 month deadline on all packages - starting upon day of purchase*

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