Team Tryouts  

Fall 2021 Season

Baseball Player Development & Success Program 

Are you a parent concerned about higher level opportunities for your son who excels on the baseball field? Are you a player that isn’t challenged by recreational leagues anymore? Are you not getting the development & coaching you deserve in order to improve and maximize your potential?

If so, you have come to the right place; playing with Upper Deck Sports Academy and joining our member based program is the perfect opportunity.

Why Choose Upper Deck Sports Academy?

Upper Deck has a comprehensive, structured development program that was built through years of success and experience. The program focuses on player development; the off-season will bring conditioning, training, and skill development for all the players in the program. All players can benefit from the resources at our indoor facility and coaching ---  You will always have access to professional training and instruction, which can do wonders for your game. If anything, we can help establish a routine and “home turf” to develop your game over time ---  Our instructors strive to ensure that every athlete can reach their maximum potential.

Upper Deck isn’t just a traveling basement program that just goes to every tournament to stack up the trophy case. Tournaments are just another measure used for the team’s success and individual player development. Our High school teams (15-17u) participate in showcase tournaments, and host scouting combines at college venues to help players get seen by college coaches/recruiters. Taking part in combines and showcases ensure that players can be exposed to college recruiters and have plenty of opportunities to show off their skills & be professionally evaluated. Visiting different colleges also helps you find the right fit. Our main goal is to ensure that your players have the resources and knowledge to become part of an NCAA roster. This is a long term goal and not a quick fix… we have players who come and go but in the last 4 years, we’ve proven to get players committed and seen by tons of schools. For example, if you play in our program for 3-4-5 years, and especially on our 17-18u teams, we will guarantee that many college coaches will see you play.

How Much will it Cost You?

Most traditional traveling baseball development programs do cost a lot. However, we understand that not everyone can pay through their teeth. This is why we have developed payment plans that can help everyone with the program’s cost. Upper Deck’s teams also work as a for-profit business but we have business advertisement opportunities to help fund our events. Please inquire within about scholarship programs and financial relief opportunities.

Finding Success with Proper Training 

Families and athletes should realize that development into a successful baseball player is not something that occurs with a couple of lessons or team practices. Turning into a baseball player is more than getting a jersey to a team; it is a long term journey. Players will have professionals available to guide them through this journey when they work with Upper Deck. We ensure that all players practice hard and commit to the program so that they can take advantage of the success that comes with it.

Get in touch with us

If you want to become part of our Player Development program, you can fill out the online questionnaire. Our Player Development Directors will inform you about dates, tryouts, times, and send in queries about the program via email. Subscribe to our website to stay in the loop with future camps, discounts, and additional opportunities.

Open Tryout Dates:

August 16th - August 30th 

*** We will host tryouts during these dates and tryouts are open to ages (12-17u) Fill out our Prospect Questionnaire Form and our staff will contact you to set up a specific tryout date ***


If you are selected to play for an Upper Deck Baseball Team, you'll need to fill out the Prospect Questionnaire Form and agree to the terms for the full season.

An initial payment must be made to ensure your roster slot and cover tournament fees/uniforms. Once you agree to the general terms of the event schedule, practice schedule, and choose a financial package, we will send an invoice with the TOTAL amount due, and schedule your payments accordingly. We may have fundraising opportunities for each team but that will not deduct any amount from your monthly package.


If you need assistance with payments, we can discuss options and devise a plan for funding assistance. We charge much lower prices than surrounding competitors with an indoor facility, coaching, individual lessons, and general training including in the packages. The total amount owed for our teams is non-negotiable and non-refundable.  Please see the "Player and Parent Expectations" tab for more information. If a player has a prior injury leading into the prospective season and it lingers during our games, practices, events, there will not be a cash refund for this injury. If the decision has been made that the player is healthy enough to compete leading into the season, it is expected that he will take care of himself throughout the duration of the season. If a player is injured during a UD event and is needing to take a few weeks off, we can discuss developmental packages that lead into the next season. Cash refunds will not be given for random, non direct injuries that arose outside of our program. 

Additional Financial Notes -- The package you choose is based on a TOTAL cost to play on our travel/showcase teams. You will have the option to pay the full amount up front or agree to the specific financing options. A %3.15 transaction fee will be added to the total or monthly amount to offset the bank fees accrued on our end.