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Blake Sipe; Owner/General Manager

Hey There - I am the Owner & General Manager @ Upper Deck Sports Academy, LLC in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Our Central Location is in Bridgewater, Va but our business extends outside of our Indoor Facility. On this website, you will find information regarding Travel Teams, Individual Lessons, Camps, & Upcoming Events along with the amenities of the facility for Cage Rentals, Memberships, & Conference Meetings. 

All About Me

I've been the Owner and General Manager since 2015 and before that I served as the Assistant Director for the previous owners. Along the way we have acquired numerous coaches, mentors, & resources to provide training and education to players at all ages. UD has given me a platform of influence, purpose, & gratitude along with growing my mindset within business and allowing me to evolve as an Owner. 

We've hosted skill specific clinics, specialized camps, & valley events in the 8 total years I've worked at the facility. In that time I've also given over 1000 individual lessons, Managed 4 Travel Teams, & produced YOY Growth 4 years in a row. There are many great coaches, trainers, & mentors out there but our track record shows we can make players better. In the last 3 years, we've had over 30 players commit to colleges around the East Coast. I put an emphasis on the education of being recruited by colleges and what to expect. It's a dream being able to coach, mentor, train, and promote athletes in our area and beyond. 

I played college baseball at Radford University and started 3.5 out of 4 years. In the Summer, I played locally in the Valley Collegiate League for the Staunton Braves. I'm grateful for the coaches who've helped me get where I'm at today and my goal is to share that knowledge with youth & high school players. It gives me a sincere and accomplished feeling when a player has a great game after an individual lesson or when they commit to a college from our travel teams. I also went to Fort Defiance High School and played for the Indians from 2006-2010. I try not to show any particular bias because we've had players from many high schools, but I still root for the success of FDHS and take pride in being an Indian. My Hs Coaches and Mentors played a big role molding me into the person I am today. 

The best part about Owning Upper Deck has been the network and relationships we've built along the way. In 6 years of Ownership, we've had thousands of players/families utilize our indoor facility for cage rentals, memberships, and team practices along with the weight room equipment for strength training. UDSA is an old school, classic, and traditional facility that's been the backbone location in the Shenandoah Valley since 1997 (previously named hit the ol apple, svb-sa). It's produced a GREAT amount of talent and coaching with familiar names like Mike Bocock, Jimmy Hamilton, Ray Heatwole, & other local legends. Our mission has been to continue their tradition while adding new forms of training with technology & resources. 

Scheduling with us is a simple process but since we are a Private Academy all reservations and slot times need to be reserved in advance via filling out an online response form. This allows us to be efficient when opening the facility for players to use. However, we are happy to adjust to your schedule and be flexible when it comes to your desired slot time. Our preferred instructional hours are listed at the bottom of the page. 

We are glad to represent a trustworthy, established brand that strives to make players better. We hope to see you soon down at the Deck! 

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